Select the most adequate to the size of your business.

Gestix is available in four standard products, in seven languages, with adaptive logistic documents. Choose the one that meets your current needs, upgrade when needed. Contact us for specific solutions or modules.


Centralization of Stores/offices/branches
Global Businesses Ready
Dynamic Financial Planning
Advanced Budget Management
Checking Accounts (Banks)
Financial Dashboard
Advanced Statistical Dashboard
Leads and Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Sales Force Access Control
Billing and Customers Base
Multi-currency Billing and Accounts
Direct Mail Billing
Recurring Billing
Automatic Billing of Outstanding Memos
EDI - Electronic Document Interchange
Point of Sale Solution (Checkout and Mobile)
Automatic Collection of Bills by Direct Debit and others
Online and ATM Payment Gateways
Online Store Integration API
After-sales/Customer Svc. (RMA)
Importing of Logistical Documents
Pricing and Commercial Terms by Segment
Collaborative Task Management
Supply Chain Management (SCM) Purchasing
Inventory and Unlimited Price-Books
Warehouses and Storage Locations
Product Traceability (Batch/Best before/Serial Nos.)
Project Management and Costing
Manufacturing Control
Role-based Access Control
User Authentication Server
SAF-T and Transport Documents Transmission
Certified Software, Adapted to Multiple Tax Standards
Multi-user - Simultaneous Users

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