Alternative to SAP, Navision, Dynamics, PHC, Primavera, moloni for the management of any business

A faster, intuitive, user-friendly ERP / CRM doesn't have to be expensive

Gestix is an advanced ERP / CRM system certified for billing under various tax rules. Provided the electronic transmission of billing documents and logistics, to production management and CRM, to the financial management, Gestix effectively adapts to the main types of small and medium-sized businesses.

It is fluid and accurate in day to day operations, with any number of users at work simultaneously, even after years of operation and millions of registered transactions.

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The Gestix ERP / CRM is available in four editions Gestix-Business, Gestix-Enterprise, Gestix-Corporate and Gestix-Life, to select according to the needs or size of your company.

Within each edition is selected the number of concurrent users or workstations, and whether it is for installation on-premises or for online access from the Internet, with or no lifetime license.

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Department and branch management
Project billing and costing advanced
Sales Force Access Control
Production costing and manufacturing
After Sale Customer Support / Repairs / RMA
Product Traceability (Batch and S/N control)
Multi-currency billing, pricing and accounting
Hierarchic budget management
Batch-import of logistical documents
EDI - Electronic Document Interchange
Online and ATM Payment Gateways
Direct-debit based automated collection of pending bills
Directory-based user authentication